Michael “Morphd” Montgomery began painting in earnest in high school, as a result of football injury. It was a way to take up time that was otherwise idle. He started with oil paint, but migrated to acrylics in College, where he began work on an Art major. While in College he eventually migrated to a Graphic Artist major where he spent hours upon countless hours drawing letters with mechanical pencil and creating precise illustrations. At this time he decided that he was more of a designer than illustrator, and pursued this concentration.
Today he returns to his roots as a fine artist. His methods are both painterly and detailed at times moving between more realism and abstract in style as he feels led by a painting. Most of his subjects span from experiences he has lived or passions he indulges in. Each piece captures his mood, thoughts, and desires at the time it was painted. He likes to play light against shadow to set the mood of his work. He works with both Acrylic and Oil to accomplish his end results. Though he prefers Oil, he enjoys the energy that acrylics allow in his quick painterly style he employs.